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We started with a passion for touring friends and neighbors to great breweries in and around our hometown. Now the BrewsLine has grown into a multi-service consultant, still with a knack for connecting good people to good beer!

We still love getting on the bus and taking folks on an amazing brewery experience, but we hope you'll take a look around the site to learn more about what we do-- and reach out with your big, frothy ideas for what we can do next to celebrate craft beer!

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Let's Connect.

You've see what we do: We connect beer-Drinkers to tasty new offerings, and we connect beer-Makers to tasty new opportunities to grow their audience. If you have a good idea to help in this mission, we want to partner with you.

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The BrewsLine

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brewery bus tour

Name: Darryl Sopoci 
Job: Founder/Driver/Bus Cleaner
Beer Doppelganger: Session IPA's
Hop Scale: 4/10
Life Motto: Buy local, or leave town!
Dream as a Kid: Be on Gilligan's Island
Dream as an Adult: I'm living it!

brewery bus tour

Name: Kevin Sopoci 
Job: Operations Manager
Beer Doppelganger: Vivian Red IPA by Scarlet Lane Brewery
Hop Scale: 9/10
Personal Hobbies/Interest: Golf and craft beer
Dream as a Kid: Play in the NHL
Dream as an Adult: Always have a good beer in the fridge

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