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Experience Indiana's Premium Craft Brewery Tour

brewery bus tour south bend

Indiana’s brewery scene is thriving!  We have delicious beers and new brewers expanding all around the state. In March

The BrewsLine was born because I love craft beer and I love our communities. I have visited small breweries from Hawaii

to Ontario and from New York to Arizona and I'm really excited about what’s happening here in Indiana. In 2014, I launched our North Indy Tours which filled a void for beer lovers like me, who live, work and play on the Northside and didn't want to travel downtown to catch a bus. I wanted to provide and organize a great brewery tour option close to home.  


We work closely with the owners and operators of the local breweries to help create the best experience possible. If you have never tried craft beer, just started to enjoy craft beer, or you are a seasoned craft beer fan, you will find The BrewsLine is a great way to have some fun, be safe, and try something new. We have a special experience planned for you!  Get ready to sit back, relax, and learn about the beers and the brewers that are making Indiana a great beer state.


Darryl Sopoci
Local Beer Lover and
Founder, The BrewsLine 

The original bus that started it all.


brewery bus tour

Name: Darryl Sopoci 
Job: Founder/Driver/Bus Cleaner
Beer Doppelganger: Session IPA's
Hop Scale: 4/10
Life Motto: Buy local, or leave town!
Dream as a Kid: Be on Gilligan's Island
Dream as an Adult: I'm living it!

brewery bus tour

Name: Kevin Sopoci 
Job: Operations Manager
Beer Doppelganger: Vivian Red IPA by Scarlet Lane Brewery
Hop Scale: 9/10
Personal Hobbies/Interest: Golf and craft beer
Dream as a Kid: Play in the NHL
Dream as an Adult: Always have a good beer in the fridge

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