i-69 Brew Tour


This special collaboration tour with our partners, Hops and Vines Bus, in Muncie will give local craft beer fans a chance to visit out of town breweries as we meet with Muncie beer fans for a rendezvous bus switch in Anderson. 

Dates: Starts March 3, 2018

Time: Saturday, 1:00pm

Price: $45.00

Pickup Locations: TBD

How it works

Muncie craft beer fans will be picked up (location TBD) by Hops and Vines, and head south on I-69 to start your beer adventure. Meanwhile, The BrewsLine will be picking up North Indy fun-seekers (location TBD) and head north on I-69 for a rendezvous at CT Doxey Brewing Co. in Anderson. Once at CT Doxey, patrons will switch buses and continue the journey to their out of town brewery destinations. Muncie patrons will visit North Indy breweries and North Indy patrons will head to Muncie. Then back to CT Doxey, and then home.

In all, you will visit 4 breweries, taste some new beers and have a great
Saturday afternoon hosted by your friends at The BrewsLine and Hops and Vines !


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